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2020-01-21 09:00:46
Why Should I Sign an Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement?

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make. It's a very complicated process with tons of paperwork.  You don't need to go it alone.  I will help you.  And my help is free!  In order for me to fully serve your best interests we need to sign an exclusive buyer's agency agreement. 

What is an Exclusive Buyer's Agency Agreement?

This is a written agreement between you and my brokerage.  I become your exclusive buyer's agent.  Think of it as us forming a team.  The agreement has several essential elements like the type and general location of the property you are looking for, the duties of myself and my brokerage to you, your duties to me, how and when I get compensated, and the start and ending dates of the agreement.  Most importantly, I become your fiduciary.  This means I put your interests first.  My loyalty lies with you and not the seller.  I'm charged with finding you the property you want at the lowest possible price under the best possible terms.

Why Should I Sign One?

When you sign an exclusive buyer agency agreement you have my obedience, loyalty, disclosure of material facts, confidentiality, accountability and reasonable care and diligence.  Why wouldn't you want that?

What If I Refuse To Sign?

If you do not sign then I can't write an offer on a property for you.  I'm not making the rules here.  North Carolina Real Estate Law states we must have a written buyer's agency agreement in place before writing any offer.  

Bottom Line:

Realtors and brokerages may have flexibility as to when they require the contract signed.  Some may require it before viewing any homes.  I will not ask for one at our first meeting.  I think it's fair to show you a few homes first so that we can get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit.  But in order for me to get paid and feed my family I must have this agreement in place before I can write any offer.  Because the seller pays the commission to me and my brokerage I must make sure that I bring a ready, willing and able buyer to a seller (read more about getting pre-approved for a loan).  That means I can't take you out if you are not a serious buyer.

If you would like to have a free buyer consultation (yes, all of what I do for buyers is free!) then click here to get on my schedule.  Or simply call or text 704-582-1314.

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